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The most technologically advanced and user friendly State of the Art Compressed Air Foam

(CAF) fire suppression systems available on the market.      


The loss of a home to fire is one of the most severe and traumatic setbacks one can face in life and a whole new technology is availabe to increase prevention and safety.

All our foam products are 100% totally green, safe on all plants and biodegradable.

If you live on an estate, ranch, farm or your business is agricultural in nature we can design a system for you. Including but not limited to CAF sprinkler systems both inside and out.

The Tri-Max Compressed Air Foam Systems are the most advanced, reliable, user friendly and efficient CAF systems on the market. For over two decades Cal-Fire, local firefighters and many other public agencies in U.S., as well as industrial contractors worldwide, have used Tri-Max CAF Systems. It doesn't get better than this.

 Basarti, specifically addresses the private and agricultural fire prevention needs.

For general information regarding the different systems we can offer please see below. All of our systems can be modified and configured to any commercial, residential or mobile use required. 

Photos for illustration purposes only, as most units are custom made to client specifications.
California has been subjected to some of the fiercest wildfires of the last decade and according to Cal-Fire it is only going to get worse due to climate change. Unfortunately, the losses due to wildfires that California highlights the ongoing and ever increasing dangers posed by uncontrolled fire. It becomes evident that there is a need to increase Californians’ awareness regarding the latest technologies developed to increase their property protection.
In October 2017, 250 wildfires ignited across California, burning over 245,000 acres, destroyed at least 8,900 structures and killed 44 people. Just in Northern California the wildfires caused more than $9.4 billion (2017) in insured property losses, becoming the costliest group of wildfires on record. The total economic toll of the 2017 California wildfire season will reach at least $180 billion.
  • Research has proven that the traditional water system used to suppress fire has its limitations compared to the compressed air foam system (CAF.)
  • In the CAF system one 200 gallon unit supplies the equivalent of up to 4,000 gallons of fire extinguishing foam.
  • Our CAF systems can also be fit to supply foam into existing interior sprinkler systems or for property owners who desire to be compliant with California Residential Code section R313.2 requiring interior sprinkler systems.

In a scorching disaster such as the Atlas, Tubbs, Oakland Hills or Thomas fires, first responders and resources are stretchered thin and you’re basically on your own, especially if you live above street level where water needs to be pumped up a hill.

Yes (unfortunately) it can happen to you.

We offer discounts to those whose property was fire damaged.

For more information call 1-800-582-2826 email us at:

Basarti's Mission Statement is to be "In Service To Source". To reduce the unfathomable and heartbreaking destruction by fire we witnessed last year by making available to the public the most technologically advanced and simple to use CAF systems designed to protect ones home, business and possessions.
While our CAF System is the primary defence against fire destruction of your home or business, there are no guarantees your property will remain unscathed due to many variables, however our systems will afford you the best possible chance of property protection on the market, additionally it is wise, the law and we recommend to make all surrounding property 'defensible space' to minimize any fires potential encroachment.